Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Life's Incredible Again...

Welcome to Loveable Brogues! This blog has been created in the demise of my previous blogs BlueSkyResearch & DarkSkyResearch due to them disappearing from my dashboard upon the mighty google takeover ( I will not grant them a capital 'g' ) ... Did any of you suffer a similar fate?
That said, it's clearly time for a refreshing change so to start off, here is a re-creation painting of a terrible resolution image of one of the superb pieces of art from the film The Incredibles. Why is it that all these films have great little pieces of art within the art itself, but no-one can find these pieces as stand alone items? They'd make a small killing surely, I know I'd buy some up. For a great example please visit Eric Tan's blog. The guy is wonderful.

All the finest to you all, I hope you like what eventually ends up here and I hope to meet some luvverly punters along the way. God Speed!

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