Monday, 12 July 2010

Well, I've finished it! ... Well, not completely as I had to kind of rush finish it in time for the old man's 50th ... I'm most likely being picky over the bits I'm still not happy with, but I will re-visit it at some point, and also look to make it full length aswell. Anyway, I'm rambling ...

Happy 50th Birthday Dad! ... Glad you liked your gift x

p.s. Let's see if we can get '50 comments' of Happy Birthday wishes for the old boy!!! I know you guys can do it ... either that or I'm not that popular ;)


  1. Happy Birthday, Father In Law!!

    Vic xx

    PS - Gorgeous painting Bubby! xxxxx

  2. wow u have some really great work.

  3. Amazing painting, man. The drapery is astounding.

    Happy birthday to your dad.

  4. !!!!!!
    It´s totally painted or is a photoshop image ??
    Fantastic !!

  5. It's ... painted in photoshop ... If that's what you mean :)

  6. Very cool work !

  7. This turned out fantastic! Happy Birthday to your Pop.

    haha-you weren't kidding about employee of the month! HA! I am honored :) I should be posting a ton more people sketches in the next week or so if you want more to choose from. I draw them all the time and never scan em in.

  8. Bring it! Get scanning ... I can't wait :)

    Cheers Nathan!